SVI provides local MRI services to animals in Southern Oregon, helping owners and veterinarians get answers fast. When we began in 2009, animals needing advanced diagnostic imaging had to be driven hundreds of miles to the nearest MRI machine. Now we provide the only ACVR board-certified MRI service for pets in Southern Oregon.

We provide this service on evenings and weekends in partnership with Siskiyou Imaging of Ashland.


Referring Veterinarians

Referring veterinarians can learn more about our service, transportation process, and how to schedule an MRI.

Animal Owners

Animal owners can learn more about why MRI was recommended for their pet and find out what to expect from our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our service, MRI in general, or pricing? Here are the most common questions and answers.

“Buddy had surgery to remove a cyst that was pushing on his spine and causing paralysis. We celebrated last night. Thank you Sage Veterinary Imaging for giving us the opportunity to have these special memories with our fur baby!” - Heather G.
"The entire procedure and follow-through was managed with such sensitivity, expertise and professionalism as one is lucky to find in advanced medical centers for humans. I say that as a retired academic physician. — Ted G. 
 DR. JAIME SAGE, FEATURED IN THE  M  edford Mail Tribune